This map shows you all the Dominican Houses in England, both the houses from before the Reformation and the houses that are alive and active today! You can filter this map to explore priories from the past and the present to plan your own trail.

Using the map

  • Expand the map to full screen.
  • Use the filter to change what you see.
  • Click on the symbols to view information about each house.
  • Move around the map to view the Province’s houses in other countries.

In 2021, to mark the 800th anniversary of the Dominicans in Britain, a group of Friars followed in the footsteps of the original Friars and made the journey from the Kentish coast all the way to Oxford!

If you do intend to make a pilgrimage and to visit one of our priories, please get in touch so we know to expect you!

Discover the dramatic history of the Dominican Friars in Britain through our online exhibition. Follow the 800-year story, from our medieval expansion and Reformation crisis to our return from exile and modern renewal.

God, who made the children of Israel pass dryshod through the middle of the sea, and showed the Magi the way to you by the guidance of a star, grant us, we pray, a prosperous journey and calm weather, so that accompanied by your holy angel we may happily arrive at our destination and come at last to the haven of eternal salvation.

God, who kept your servant Abraham unharmed through all his travels when you had led him out of Ur of the Chaldeans, watch over us your servants, we pray; be our help, Lord, when we gird ourselves for the journey, our solace on the way, our shelter in the heat, our covering in rain and cold, carry us when we are tired, protect us in adversity, be our prop when the path is slippery, a haven in shipwreck, so that under your guidance we may successfully reach our destination and at last return home in safety.

R. Amen.
V. Let us go forth in peace.
R. In the name of the Lord.