In 1221 the first Dominican Friars arrived in Britain - this summer we are following in their footsteps. You are invited to join the Friars on this journey!

High Mass of Thanksgiving in Dominican Rite and Reception

September 17

Join us at Our Lady of the Rosary Shrine at 6pm in thanksgiving for the completion of the restoration work. All are welcome and booklets with English translations will be available.

September 17, 2021

David Jones and Contemporary Art at Blackfriars, Cambridge

September 23rd - October 3rd


September 23, 2021

First Saturday Devotions

October 2nd

Join us on the first Saturday of the month at the Rosary Shrine for an evening beginning at 5pm with Adoration and Scripture meditations; followed by Confession and Mass at 6pm. After Mass, at 7pm, join us for a Rosary Procession, the blessing of candles and roses and enrolment in the Rosary Confraternity.

October 2, 2021

Rosary Procession

October 2nd

Every Saturday during October, join us at the Rosary Shrine at 7pm for the Rosary Procession.

October 2, 2021

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary at the Rosary Shrine

October 3rd

Everyone is welcome to the Solemn Mass celebrated by Cardinal Nichols for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary at 12pm.

October 3, 2021

Festal Mass and Rosary Book Launch

October 7th

Celebrate Festal Mass at 6pm and the launch of new Rosary Book, photos and meditations, by Lawrence Lew OP London

October 7, 2021

Dominican Forum - Prayer in the Dominican tradition by Fr Nicholas Crowe OP

October 19, 2021

Every religious order has its distinct way of praying that sustains them in their charism. So how is the Dominican mission of preaching and the intellectual apostolate supported in their prayer life? What were the ‘nine ways of prayer’ given to the order by St Dominic? How is the Rosary a Dominican prayer? And what have other Dominican saints contributed to this tradition?

Dominican Forum - A Brief History of the English Province by Br Bede Mullens OP

November 17, 2021

The story of the Dominicans is intertwined with key moments in our nation’s history: the development of the first university in Oxford, the high Christian era of the Middle Ages, the desolation of the Reformation, the Catholic revival in the Victorian age, and the continuing struggles of our modern age. Br Bede, currently a student brother at Blackfriars, Oxford, will give us a whirlwind tour of 800 years of history, and pick out a few Dominican friars who shaped or were shaped by the times they lived in.

Dominican Forum - The Universal Vocation to Preach by Fr Richard Ounsworth OP

December 14, 2021

Dominicans are the ‘Order of Preachers’. Nowadays, however, Christians usually want to avoid coming over as ‘preachy’ - so in what way are we all expected to ‘preach’? What can the Dominican tradition teach us all about how to proclaim the gospel, and what lessons can it offer us as we seek to share our faith with a secular age?

Prayer for the Dominican Jubilees of 2021

O Lord our God,
Creator of the world, Giver of life.
Eight hundred years ago,
it pleased you to receive St Dominic into eternity,
and to establish the Holy Preaching in Britain.
O Spem miram!  You are the wonderful hope,
promised by Dominic, 
as our constant Companion,
in the holy endeavour of spreading and growing Your Word,
over lands, across the sea, 
beyond the horizons of our vision.

As we celebrate the double Jubilee
of the dies natalis of St Dominic into eternal life 
and the Sacra Praedicatio in Britain,
feed us and fill us with a double portion of
the Spirit,
so that we may experience a new Pentecost – 
a renewed proclamation 
of the ‘mighty acts of God’
and rekindled commitment to our mission 
for the ‘salvation of souls’.

Bless our brothers and sisters 
and the entire Dominican ­Family 
in England, Scotland and Wales
with health, happiness, and holiness.
Lead them to ever serve your people.
Gather them all to Yourself, 
in praise and thanks eternal.
Through Mary’s plea;
in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner III, OP, 
Master of the Order. Sta Sabina, Rome. 

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