‘Fr Lawrence Lew’s photographs of sacred art inspire his contemplations of each Mystery of the Rosary. Beginning with a foreword by the Master of the Order, Fr Gerard Francisco Timoner III, O.P., the words and images in this book make the Mysteries we contemplate vivid and real, helping all of us – those who pray the Rosary faithfully and those who struggle with the devotion – to pray with deeper reverence and greater understanding.’

‘This informative and beautifully illustrated book is a wonderful introduction to the Rosary prayer, and even more importantly, an irresistible invitation to pray it regularly.’

Bishop Robert Barron

Download the companion booklet for our exhibition, ‘800 years of preaching: An Exhibition Celebrating the Eighth Centenary of the Dominican Friars in Britain’. This booklet draws from archive photography, illustrations and art to bring our history to life.

‘Written for the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Dominican Order of Preachers in 2016, this history sets St Dominic and his Order’s developing mission in the context of major social changes through the centuries and across the globe.’