Today, part of how we are preaching with faith and reason is through our work at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford. Blackfriars Hall is home to the Las Casas Institute and the Aquinas Institute, which promote critical reflection on contemporary questions relating to human dignity in the light of Catholic Social Teaching and theology, and perennial questions of human identity and how we relate to God and each other.

We are also publishing books, giving public talks, lectures, and debates to promote an intelligent engagement with the Catholic faith at all levels.

At the heart of the Order of Preachers is the conviction that belief in God (and the Christian Faith in particular) is rational, perfects the human person, and completes the fundamental human desire for truth and goodness.

Because of this, we are never afraid of a question and want to answer yours! What do you want to ask? 

In this Jubilee year, we are hosting a series of special online talks. These talks are open to all.

Explore how the Dominicans shaped the earliest Oxford colleges and championed St Thomas Aquinas’ systematic theology in Medieval England.

O Saint Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor, to your enlightened patronage I entrust my duties as a Christian and as a student: 

develop in my spirit the divine seed of an intelligent and fruitful faith, 
keep my heart pure in the limpid reflection of divine love and beauty, 
sustain my intelligence and memory in the pursuit of human knowledge, 
strengthen the resolve of my will in the honest search for truth,
defend me from the subtle snare of that pride which separates from God, 
guide me with a sure hand in moments of doubt, 
make me a worthy heir to the Christian tradition of human learning, 
enlighten my path through the marvels of creation so that I may learn to know and love
the Creator, who is God, infinite Wisdom.